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Owing to the fact that I love planning my garden way more than doing lab work, I have created a planting calendar for Seattle veggie garden growers.  It’s based off of multiple sources that are Pacific Northwest-specific but not Seattle-specific, including Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades, The Four Season Harvest, The New Organic Grower, The Westside Gardener blog, and various planting charts from places like Territorial Seed Company and West Coast Seeds; and the Seattle-specific Maritime Northwest Garden Guide produced by Seattle Tilth- which is fantastic but does not have a handy planting chart.  So, after quite a bit of tinkering, I believe I’m finally finished enough to post this for your benefit (if you happen to live in Seattle).

Now, the planting calendar is just that- a planting calendar.  There is no indication of when your veggies will be ready to eat and the plants ready to replace with your next round of transplants- after three years I still have no idea how that works.  Anyway, there’s a range of dates you can sow most veggies- the harvest date will be roughly the number of days to maturity from your planting date, plus a few weeks that it will take you to harvest and eat everything.  (I don’t know if this has ever been true in my garden- things are just ready when they’re ready.  This might be because our soil was so crappy the first couple of years…)

I’m posting the whole Excel workbook instead of a PDF so that you can add in weird and unusual veggies and herbs that you like to grow, or so you can change the dates a bit (if you don’t live in Seattle, or if you discover i’m totally and embarrassingly wrong about something.)  If you want to play it safe, plant in the middle of the range of dates, not toward the outside edges.  If you have the ability to protect your garden with plastic cloches and such, or are just brave, you can venture toward the very early and very late planting dates.

Ta Daaaa!!!  Seattle planting calendar

If you don’t like it, don’t tell me because I worked real hard on it!  But i will accept suggestions on how to improve it.

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My eyes are always bigger than my garden patch, and year after year i order too many varieties of too many veggies.  Also, the “sampler” packets that companies sell still have way too many seeds in them if i just want to plant one or two tomato plants of a certain variety.

So, I’ve made a list of seeds that i have in the hopes that i can get people with small gardens like myself to buy the extras.  If you see something you like, let me know and i’ll give you half a packet (or so) for a dollar (or so).

There exists some sort of seed swap put on by Seattle Tilth every year…  but i don’t really want more seeds in return, just to recover some of the costs of my addiction.

And yes, i did already order my seeds for 2012.  I can’t be stopped!!!

Here’s the list:  Veggie garden seed


Help me out here, folks. I'm running out of appropriately shaped tupperware!

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