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This is my friend Schillaci’s blog.  I have recently discovered it and it’s utter hilarity.  It’s about running, which i do not currently do and thus i do not understand about 35% of the terms used in many of the posts, but the stuff is highly entertaining nonetheless.

Man… some people can write!  The post about what does and does not constitute a “journey” is my favorite thus far.  I will definitely remember that smackdown when i’m being overly dramatic about how i constantly fail to get myself to do yoga, even though it’s highly fashionable and would save me from microscope- and dissection-induced back pain.  Or when i congratulate myself for walking the dog for more than half an hour.  Or when i bike to work on Saturday, even though i’m allowed to park in the parking garage for free on weekends.

Come to think of it, have i ever completed a real journey?  Hmmm… i guess the closest i’ve come would be hiking 220 miles on the John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevada.  That’s not too many miles, but i did it all by myself, with only the mosquitoes and marmots to talk to.  (That’s a lie- there were plenty of other hikers around- if i’d have broken my leg, it would have been at most 16 hours before someone found me.)  In any case, i didn’t get attacked by natives, or have to eat a sled dog, nor did i sow my seed in any sultanates (i don’t know what that word means), so really, i should probably attempt the PCT or the Continental Divide Trail, or a cross-country off-trail trek through the wilds of B.C. before i can consider myself journeyed.

But i might just change my tagline to “my journey toward urban farming nirvana” in the meantime.


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