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Kate’s friend Emily came to stay with us last night on her way from Sandpoint, Idaho, where she runs a small farm with her boyfriend, to Ethiopia where she is taking a vacation while the farm is under snow.  She and her farm were recently featured in the Carleton Voice alumni magazine- reading that article made me insanely jealous and when she came in David promptly announced that we had a farm crush on her.  Chatting about the farm with her while preparing dinner was awesome- they have a sweet land lease deal and are actually not in debt as small farmers!!  (Perhaps because of a few ground rules they laid out at the beginning, one of which was don’t quit your day job… but now she’s quitting her day job!)

Now i want to be a farmer even more… sigh…   and i’m gathering that this is not entirely unusual- my classmate Tad wants to be a farmer, Lauren and Tommy want to start a farm, Nolan already works on a farm.  Shit.  What if we all became small farmers?!  That would be amazing.

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