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Kefir buzz

Trying to get back into blogging slowly. Have been in the garden and kitchen and pantry plenty, making jams and real fermented pickles, and even butchering our pig, but haven’t been writing. But, I have so many other things that distract me from finishing my PhD, this may as well be one of them!

A while back I wrote about flavoring kefir with jam to make a delicious and nutritious drink. Usually I just stir it in with a spoon. This evening in a fit of “get me away from my computer!!” I decided I’d blend the kefir and jam with the beat stick. (Clever name I just came up with for the hand-held stick blender). The result is glorious! Blending makes it frothy like a pisco sour or… something else that’s sour and frothy. Mango lassi?

The kefir: home cultured with grains and whole milk, past it’s normal drinking stage and super sour, super chunky.

The jam: a blackberry-rhubarb concoction that’s more like syrup that I made from berries picked down on the Olympia farm and fresh rhubarb from the market.


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My kefir grains came in the mail! I ordered them from “Marilyn Kefirlady” in Ohio, who grows them on fresh milk from her heard of goats. I used about 2 cups of milk to help them recover from their journey- that didn’t make good kefir- but the second two cups of milk turned out well, though much more goaty then the stuff I had been making from store-bought starter.

I’m excited for real kefir!!

(By the way, I pronounce it keh-fur, not kee-fur. Saying kee-fur is just weird, even though everyone does it.)


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Green salad: mustard greens, red lettuce, green lettuce, spinach, arugula all from the garden, plus sharp cheddar and raisins with balsamic vinaigrette; homemade kefir with Ma’s homemade blackberry jam for flavor; hard boiled eggs (don’t worry, I won’t eat all 6 today!)


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