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Occasionally the New York Times publishes articles like this one on the crises modern agriculture brought on by gawdawful weather. Some discuss government-paid crop insurance and lament the plight of farmers across the country. This one actually mentions compost as a way to ameliorate the effects of drought, as well as gray water systems, and the importance of maintaining seed banks so that we can weather the weather with drought- and heat-resistant varieties of crops. I’m going to go ahead and add a plug against big Ag companies that promote and sell and monopolize crops with single varieties that are bred or genetically engineered to do well in shitty soil with lots of synthetic fertilizer. Bad idea. We need to be increasing the genetic diversity of our crops and animals, not whittling our base down to a teetering giant disaster waiting to happen.

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The Farm

David is renting a room here, from Heather and Zak.   They’ve got horses, pigs, rabbits (not pictured), chickens, and two huge, friendly german shepherd mixes.  Word is they just got a lonely lamb and will soon bring home another one for it pal around with.  CAN’T WAIT till Inka gets to meet the lamb this weekend!!


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Kate’s friend Emily came to stay with us last night on her way from Sandpoint, Idaho, where she runs a small farm with her boyfriend, to Ethiopia where she is taking a vacation while the farm is under snow.  She and her farm were recently featured in the Carleton Voice alumni magazine- reading that article made me insanely jealous and when she came in David promptly announced that we had a farm crush on her.  Chatting about the farm with her while preparing dinner was awesome- they have a sweet land lease deal and are actually not in debt as small farmers!!  (Perhaps because of a few ground rules they laid out at the beginning, one of which was don’t quit your day job… but now she’s quitting her day job!)

Now i want to be a farmer even more… sigh…   and i’m gathering that this is not entirely unusual- my classmate Tad wants to be a farmer, Lauren and Tommy want to start a farm, Nolan already works on a farm.  Shit.  What if we all became small farmers?!  That would be amazing.

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